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Connecting together to help our community.


i Heart Calgary

Building a community of caring and support
Why choose Us?

Why Because we make a difference

Our beautiful city has many needs. Join our community of support. By giving resources and time, you can change the lives of others.

Why choose Us?

How Donating and Volunteering

You can help by donaing money, time and items needed.

Why choose Us?

When All year round

We plan to deliver needed sustaining backpacks, care packs for kids, and many other projects all throughout the year.

Current Projects

Current Volunteering opportunities and ongoing projects

Sustaining Backpacks

Assembled backpacks containing all the essentials. Backpacks are assembled based on seasonal needs, and include additional items for colder weather.

Care packs for Kids

Care packs include care and craft items and are distributed at the Children's Hospital.

Backpacks for School

Backpacks contain all the essentials a child would need with starting their first day of school.

Giving Opportunities


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